How did we get so lucky to collaborate with one of the world’s most beautiful women? Carolyn Murphy is as inspiring and graceful as is humanly possible. We have heard people say that it is in fact not humanly possible – or fair to the rest of us – to look that way. Sorry for a little cheekfrills gushing but it is all true. Having graced more covers of Vogue than most of us have had hot dinners – she is an international force and the only model to have been the face of a brand for over 15 years – Estee Lauder. Carolyn has never put her name to a project before and we are incredibly proud to have worked with her on this.


How did it come about? Carolyn and Katie in the Hamptons last summer where they got talking about women’s underwear and in Carolyn’s words the world was lacking an all-natural, feminine lingerie laine. Both Katie and Carolyn have young daughters and do not want to see them growing up in a world.

Why CarolynMurphyxCheekfrills? As Carolyn told style.com ‘I think lingerie is almost as important as using the right creams. It’s how you work up into your day and get ready,” she explained. “It should be personal. I really wanted to focus on comfort, but also on that subtle femininity and not having it be so overtly sexual. Sensuality is so personal and it should be quite delicate.”

Very important to Carolyn is our use of modal which is softer than cotton whilst still natural – sustainably sourced from soft wood-pulp modal, with soft lace details. No wires. There are links with underwiring and breast cancer in some studies aside from them being so uncomfortable.

Now available at exclusive stores around the world including online at net-a-porter.com – we hope you love the collaboration as much as we do…  Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 17.35.27

Take a look at what we’re talking about here!